Tuesday, January 20, 2015

House Tour

One of my favorite things about blogging is that it can make people who are far away feel near. 

I took these pictures more than a month ago because my cousin, Marianne, wanted to "see" where we live. She's living in Germany and probably won't be able to visit and see our place. When we do see her, it's normally surrounded by family in Pennsylvania. We'll be seeing her in Europe this spring, though! Yay!

Anyway, the best time to take pictures is right after the house has been cleaned and you have people coming over! I snapped these before we had a little potluck with friends. We still don't have much up on the walls, but here's our place. I love it and am thankful for it each day.

Throughout our marriage we've moved four times. First to a one bedroom apartment in a nice, gated apartment complex in Louisiana, then to a one bedroom, small cottage in Blacksburg, then into a two bedroom first floor apartment on a beautiful horse farm, and now to our new home. This is by far the most space we've ever had. 

We have two bedrooms, a bonus room which we made into a guest room, a basement, front covered porch, a mud room/enclosed back porch, and a beautiful backyard. Oh, and there's a playground down the street! So perfect.

That's not even all of it! The basement is tiled and therefore pretty finished, with paneling on the walls. It has an extra room, which is Jim's study/sleeping room on night shifts/closet. It also has space for Jim's weight set from high school, our TV area, a craft area for me, laundry, storage, and a built-in space for a workshop. I mean, c'mon... the place was pretty much made for us. (No pictures included of the basement here)

So, here's the place...
Our bedroom
Ian's bedroom. It looks dark in this picture but he has four windows like the one shown.
The only bathroom.
Guest room. Come visit!
Living room & dining room

I don't have many complaints about this kitchen. It's very functional.
Oh, how I love having a MUD ROOM!!

In the background you can see a little shelter for the lawnmower, and a ring of benches Jim made for our fire pit.
I feel a bit funny posting a picture of the front of the house. It's brick with a small front yard and an asphalt driveway is adjacent to it. The backyard, you've seen in lots of pictures has a beautiful maple tree, space for a garden, and a place for our compost.

 We plan to stay for all of Jim's residency, which is 2.5 more years.
We're pretty happy here!


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    1. Thank you, Aunt Beth! Hope you'll get to see it one day :)