Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snow Baby

Call me crazy, but I really love snow. I love the way it looks. I love layering up to head out into it for hours at a time. I love making that first track of footprints through the pristine blanket of white. I love sledding (skiing & snowboarding too). I love to come in after every limb is freezing and have a delicious warm drink. And I normally even love it during that random last April snow of the season.

Believe me, I have reason to hate it. My parents live at the top of a mile-long gravel driveway up a MOUNTAIN. There's really no telling how many times I've had to hike up that road. The bus used to drop me off and I'd hope and pray that my dad's car would be waiting to pick me up when the bus came to a lurch. Once I hiked all of the way up and discovered him napping on the couch. "It's good exercise!" Mmmhmm.

With my full, back-breaking backpack from high school or with arms or a sled laden with groceries, the trek's been made countless times. Not only that, we'd even get snowed in with no way of getting out for a week at a time. And I still love it when it snows.

Along comes Jim. He spent part of his childhood in Minnesota. The guy loves snow and the cold even though his hands spend the entire winter like ice cubes. It's in our blood.

(Disclaimer: Okay, granted we have never lived in Alaska. I TOTALLY understand being over snow since my cousin and her family braved it there for years. Those difficulties and the length of winter would probably make me despise any sight of snow.)

It should come as no shock, then, that our son is also snow crazy. This morning I looked out the window to see that gorgeous white layer covering the ground and the trees. I lifted him up to the window to take a peek. Wonder and a smile spread across his face before three little giggles. 

Jim was about to leave for work and Ian ecstatically ran toward the kitchen giggling and calling to him. We bundled him up and led him outside to where he watched in amazement as snowflakes fell all around him.

After returning inside to eat breakfast and dose me with some coffee, Ian and I suited up and headed back outside. Not once, but twice. This kid LOVES him some snow.

And he likes to hold our hands (sometimes). 

As always, he's Ian Forrester the Adventurer!!!
This way!

And he discovered that snow is edible. And apparently delicious.

Something makes me think this is going to be a gooooood and fun winter.
Oh, and Jim just called to say the clinic is closed for the afternoon. This day just got even better. Ian's going to be thrilled when he wakes up from his nap!

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