Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nags Head 2014

About a month ago Jim's cousin, Abbey, contacted us asking if we'd like to join them for part of or all of their time in Nags Head. We were able to join them for a few days at the end of Jim's ER rotation, since he'd front-loaded his shifts that month. What an amazing few days we had...

Time spent with family. Mornings, afternoons, and evenings at the beach. A great view at the top of Currituck Lighthouse and great food at the Seafood Festival. But really, the focus was the beach. We even got to see dolphins one evening. Beautiful, thrilling, and delightful... that was this vacation.

Our first morning there Ian and I awoke before the rest of the beach house, so we set out on a little stroll to find the beach. We had arrived in the dark and the rain, so the sun and the day was inviting us to seek out the beach.

Family time at the beach! Baby snoozing, kids playing, parents looking on... the sweet sound of waves crashing. The weather, too, was absolutely perfect. It stayed in the 80s each day!! It felt like summertime; a wonderful treat.
Abbey and her husband, Mick, swooped in a couple of times at key moments and cuddled or played with Ian so that we could enjoy our breakfasts, or catch a minute to change clothes, relax, you name it. They almost intuitively knew when we needed it most. Thank you, guys.
It was actually Ian's third time at the beach. You may remember our failed attempt back in May, then our Barlow family trip in June, and now this one. I can say that this was easily the most fun Ian has had at the beach. Now that he can walk, he just loved walking around on the sand.
He enjoyed squishing and sinking his feet in the sand.
This picture cracks me up! Ian took a nap, so Jim and I spent some time digging this hole for when he did wake up. We thought it would be a nice, gentle place for him to play. And then we waited for him to wake up. Still a kid at heart, Jim made dribble towers.
As Jim dug the hole, Ian worked to fill it up again. He's such a helpful lad.

 Each time he'd walk toward the waves with excitement and then immediately sit down. Our smart little man figured out how to be the most stable!!

Abbey and her family are truly wonderful. They're extremely welcoming, warm, easy-going, and generous. When we grow up, we want to be like them.

Thank you so much for including us in your family vacation! We love you guys. Hope to do it again next year!!
Picture taken at the top of the lighthouse. A bit windy! Thanks for taking it, Jillian!!

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