Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dirty Elbows

We've had a busy few weeks of visiting with family here at home and on the road. Papa had a busier pediatric rotation than we had expected, so we tried to soak up as much time with him when he was home as we could. We knew that the next two months he would have even less time at home, so we tried to make the most of the time we did have.

Jim's parents came for a couple nights and happened to be here when Ian turned ten months old. During their visit we went blueberry picking at Woodall's, adding to our glorious bounty of blueberries in the freezer. We were happy to host them in our new place, give them a tour, and let Ian be most of the entertainment!! He was eager to oblige.

We went to the playground up the street, where they were present for his nine month photo shoot and willing playmates for Ian! Scroll down and you'll see many pictures of the playdate :)

Thank you for a nice visit!! We're so glad you came. Ian certainly is one loved grandchild.

Ian's latest developments include MUCH more stability in standing with just one hand holding on to something.

He started waving a bit, when he wanted to, which we exuberantly mirrored back to him!!

We have rearranged Ian's room so that his mattress is on the floor and the entire room is baby-proofed; makes sense for a baby's room to be baby-proofed, eh? His room was hardly utilized by him before except for diaper changes, so it became our dumping ground during the unpacking process. Now, it's truly a baby's room.

He's been eating more and more foods lately! Some of the foods he used to love are no longer favorites at all, they even get thrown on the floor immediately. But it's obvious that he goes through phases. As of right now he basically refuses anything he can't serve himself. He's Mr. Independent, when it comes to solids, and certainly Mr. Dependent when it comes to comfort and nursing!!

On rough terrain, he can be seen crawling on his hands and feet. His clothes are getting dirtier and dirtier... the sign of a free, fun childhood!! Love this dirty elbow shot!!
He has two teeth on the top and on the bottom now! Teething on the top has proven to be much harder. He likes to chew on the nape of my neck... ouch!! How about another teether, Ian?
Bath times are relatively short these days. He's ready for the next thing... He LOVES brushing his teeth twice a day.

He's interested in EVERYTHING. Into EVERYTHING. And is understanding more and more. It's so fun to watch the wheels turning in his head (if only we could really do that!). This picture below shows his active, observant, and motivated eyes.
 A complete joy, that's what you are...

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