Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sticks & Stones

Ian turned nine months old during our first week in our new home.
This batch of pictures was actually taken on his nine month birthday 
and here he is in our new, spacious, beautiful yard.
I think he likes it.

I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves...

Hey, Leif! I can throw the ball for you! I've watched Papa & Mama do it so many times and  I surprised them the first time I showed them I could do it, too! I throw it overhand, like this..."

He thinks sticks make good teethers, but it looks more like a pipe in this photo!
Don't be deceived by the bit of chub, this guy is mostly muscle.
That face!!!

He's a thorough explorer...
Oh, Ian Forrester. 

You are always looking forward and moving toward the next developmental milestone. We cannot begin to express just how much love we have for you, but we know that you'll see it in our eyes and feel it in our arms. You are our greatest, most precious blessing in this life so far.

Happy 9 months!!!
*three fourths of the way through a year*

You love: teething on sticks, climbing stairs, making messes by exploring and touching everything you can (shoe racks, bags of hangers, tissues, toilet paper, etc), chasing/crawling after Leif, saying "Papa" and "Mama" when you want us, putting everything in your mouth, holding a spoon while we try to feed you, pulling up/pushing up on everything you can, observing the world around you, toilets (yuck), racing toward the open door of the refrigerator or the outside world, 
and being in the same room as mama.

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