Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 Months of Play!

It wasn't hard to decide where to take Ian's ten month photos!! We have spent time at the playground down the street every day for the last couple of weeks. What a great resource and I am so grateful for the ease of putting him in his stroller and walking there, rather than loading him into the carseat.

Plus,  he loves it. The stairs are wonderfully safe, with no gaps or holes, and the sections he climbs on never get too hot, even in the middle of these hot, Virginian summer days.

If we're the only ones at the playground, Ian's boisterous, quick, and on the move. If there are other children, then he's much quieter and more observant, content to sit and watch. While there are some children I'm happy he's watching, there have been a few that are FAR from good role models. I know, I know... it's just the beginning. 

Without further delay, I present to you... our ten month old!!! Unbelievable. Here's a tour of his new favorite place..
Completely engrossed in watching a few older kids (I have absolutely no idea where he gets his people-watching genes from... haha!).
Ian's excited face, normally accompanied by an excited squeal!
Steady and careful.
And always on the move...
Are you watching? I can go up.
Follow me!
This way...

There's a fun, round window. I like to wave to my family and friends from here.
And believe it or not, I decided that my ten month birthday was a good day to try the BIG slide for the first time!
I put my feeler foot down first, then I went all of the way down.
Don't worry, Mama was right there to catch me and slowly send me down. 
Here I am at the bottom! I thought that was pretty cool!!!
 Now I'd like to show you how I go down stairs, get off of the couch, or high places like the slide...
Step 1
Step 2: Choose one foot to put down first.
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6: See if anyone was watching!
REALLY big. 
Then move on to the next thing!
I like to crawl on my hands and feet, keeping my knees off of the sticky mulch.
Back up the stairs I go!

Even though I still have some of my baby pudge, I am slimming up even more.
Mama & Papa cannot believe how strong I am.
I also really enjoy the swings! 
And I really like to talk!!

(This is Ian's signature babbling or bantering back and forth face. I love that this captures it. He will talk to you in long "sentences" as though he's sure you are grasping every word. We do our best.)

Happy ten months of life, dear adventurer!!!

You love: climbing up and down stairs, swinging, waving, throwing the "ba" back and forth, throwing the "ba" for Leif, watching bubbles, playing in water, turning the pages of board books, hugging Mama & Papa, babbling, cuddling when you're sick, falling asleep in the Beco, and playing in your new room.

That smile, that wave, that strawberry hair.
We love everything about you.

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