Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Äma!!!

5 days old
Dear Äma,

I love it when you cuddle and play with me. I can tell that your love for me runs very deep. Thank you for doing yoga with me and making sure mama knows how advanced all of my poses are.

I cannot wait to see you at The Pinery in a few short weeks. You can show me all of your favorite things to do and one day I know you'll teach me how to paddle a kayak upstream, against the current, since that is your favorite form of exercise.

Know that I love you A LOT. You are a wonderful "Äma" to me.

Ian Forrester
(9.5 months)

Dear Mom,

Happy, happy birthday! I hope your day is full of joy, laughter, and fun. I only now can begin to fathom the love you have for the three of us kiddos. 

I look forward to spending a week with you at The Pinery and hope there isn't another flood!! We need to get this boy in the Clarion!! We've got to start his lifelong love for the river and The Pinery NOW, since I, too, spent my first full summer in that place.

Now that I am a mama, it's amazing to think you lived in a tent during my first summer! Thank you for fostering a love for the outdoors in me from such a young age. It's a legacy that will certainly be passed along to Ian.

We love you!
Käthe (& Jim)

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