Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's a MATCH

Yesterday was Match Day for all D.O. fourth year medical students. All of the students have spent the fall of this year doing audition rotations, interviewing, and spending a fair amount of time away from home.

Then, when they've visited all of the places, they submit a list in the order of their preference for where to go for residency. For us this proved to be an agonizing process. For weeks we talked, made pros and cons lists, talked again, decided, talked again, switched, talked again, switched again. It was painful. Jim would come home with one decision, while I made up my mind about the other. Then we'd talked about it, go to bed, and he'd leave the next day. That day we would each change our minds, thinking we were agreeing with the other. Repeat. Horribly painful.

We agonized until the very last evening, deciding over dinner. But before we went to bed Jim said, "You have until midnight to change your mind." Painful.

The residency programs also submit their lists. We happened to have some inklings about what was on some lists. Then there's a huge drumroll that can be heard all over the country, and then they're announced. Well okay, okay... there's no drumroll, but that's what life's felt like for us. For a while. And now it's finally over.

Jim matched in Blacksburg!

In the end, we believe that this was definitely the best decision for our family. I'm so grateful that we feel this peace.

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