Sunday, February 23, 2014

FIVE full, fun months!!!

Guess what, world!! I am five months old.
I know, my parents don't believe it either.
But it's true.

I love wearing only my diaper, but it doesn't happen very much because it's so cold this winter.

  Smiling and observing everything is another one of my passions.

 Lately my toes are quite interesting to me, but they are often hidden in booties and socks.
 However, I'm most interested in my dog, Leif. Who cares about the camera?!
 I'm all about the action. If I'm awake, I'm in motion. Just wait until I start crawling!

People say that I have big hands. It runs in my mom's side of the family.
And check out my cute "innie" belly-button.

I enjoy sucking on my bottom lip...

...and on my thumb, but any finger will do.

But I am always learning & trying new things. See, you never know what I'll do. 
Here I've grabbed my pointer finger over my forehead. I'm so unpredictable ;)

 And boy, do I love my newest trick. 
Sitting gives me such a new vantage point and perspective on the world.

It's still a new trick, so I sometimes fall.
Here I landed right on my face, but when I looked up mama smiled and so it was okay.
I was tough. I didn't cry this time.

And this boppy pillow flipped over on my back. Mama thought it was funny.

Sometimes I'm serious.

But you can almost always get me to crack a smile.

So, that's me at 5 months.

Happy five months, Ian Forrester!!

You love: SITTING!, smiling and giggling, grabbing your feet, rough-housing with Papa, snow, 
being naked, bath time, sucking on fingers, watching Mama, Papa, & Leif, being worn by Mama in the Beco, music & SINGING! (especially Old MacDonald), putting everything in your mouth, and showing your emotions by ecstatically moving your legs and arms.

You've brought so much fun, love, laughter, & joy into our lives.

You are so very, very loved.

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