Sunday, January 19, 2014


It's amazing to think that just four months ago you weren't in our arms.

We had no idea what you'd look like, how cute you'd be.
Or even if you were a girl or a boy...
 Or if you'd have all of your toes.
We definitely didn't know that you'd have darling red hair!
  Or that you'd have big, beautiful blue eyes.
 Or how adorable your squeals and coos would be.
 And you surprised us with your strength from the very beginning.
And make us daily fall in love again as we learn about your active and on-the-go personality,
As well as your playful and observant sides, too.
 But we knew we'd love you...
...we just didn't know how much love and joy could come in such a small, amazing bundle.

We sure do love you, little one!

Happy four months, Ian Forrester!!!!

You love grabbing things and bringing them to your mouth, bouncing in your jumpers, rolling over, watching Leif, observing everything!, laughing when we laugh, listening to music, & squealing to your little heart's content!

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