Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Frigid Snowy Days

This winter has certainly been a cold one! With temperatures in the negatives and barely climbing out of the single digits and teens, we've had lots of time indoors. We've also had lots of our activities cancelled, keeping us home. And we've had some snow.  Living on the farm means that it is absolutely beautiful to look out the windows and to walk outside. And sometimes you just have to savor the cozy warmth of home and made a delicious soup, as I did yesterday.

Fortunately, Ian is an awesome cold-weather baby! He must take after his papa, who lived in Minnesota for a few years. He never whines about being outside in this cold weather. We do try to bundle him up as much as we can and he normally stays quite toasty. Inevitably, he falls asleep in the carrier or the stroller by the end of the walk. There's nothing like the lulling of movement to put him to sleep.

Ian likes to be rocked on my shoulder and sung or hummed to sleep, or close to it, before being put down to sleep. It always makes me feel somewhat accomplished when I can get him down without a tear shed. The first two naps today were two such accomplishments. He's an active boy and doesn't really like to slow down for nap times.

He's also started to snuggle purposefully with loveys. I've been including one in our nursing routine right before he goes down to sleep for the last month or so, and only recently has he seemed to notice that they are there and cuddle them. Now, when I put him down in the crib, I make sure that one of them is in reaching distance and he snuggles with it when he's first waking up. It seems to prolong the time he's willing to spend in his crib before he wants me to come get him. I can see that because we are currently borrowing Diana's video monitor while she's in Africa, to see if we'd like to purchase one. So far, I'm sold.

Before he heads to bed each night, we have a family reading time. Recently, he's really been reaching for and grabbing the books as Jim reads. He's fast! Good thing Aunt Christine got him a book that's indestructible for Christmas!

Lately, he's started sucking his bottom lip and making a humming/moaning sound. Funny!

He's also started flinging his toys across the room, especially his green and red balls with lots of holes in them. They barely last a minute on the mat before they are gone.

In my notes for this blog I wrote "Nothing's safe." Jim had a good laugh about that! Haha. What I meant was that we're entering the phase when if it's in his reach, then it's in his hands and then his mouth. At a restaurant or at home we have to make sure that all of the items on the table are moved far away from him, if he's in our laps. The same for if he's in our laps while reading, eating, or drinking a glass of water. I got doused with water one day this week.

Last Friday we went out to dinner and Ian fell asleep while nursing, much earlier than I thought he would. Fortunately, we were in the corner table and so there was plenty of room to lay out my coat and lay him on the floor. Parents of the Year Award goes to us!

Ian has started to observe us as we eat. His eyes follow the food from our plate to our mouths with intent fascination. It won't be long before this boy's ready to eat, too! I cannot believe it's time to think about feeding him solids already. Time is flying.

He's only content to be put down if I'm right nearby, he's in the jumper in the kitchen near me, or if he's in this giant thing! Check out the action. He's bouncing like crazy these days! He often dons this elated smile and loud, exuberant squeals ring throughout the apartment.

A boy & his dog.

Leif has become a bit of a celebrity around here. When Ian sees him walk by he turns to look at him and then smiles. Sometimes Leif rushes by him while in the jumper and Ian closes his eyes in surprise and then smiles and turns to watch Leif go. Leif likes to check in with Ian every once in a while, as you can see in this picture.

Ian smiles each time Leif returns while playing fetch in the yard. It's pretty sweet to see him enjoy having a dog at such a young age.

Just recently Ian has started to try to flip the "pages" on the contraption. He will try for a while and get frustrated, knowing that he's not flipping them. But sometimes he turns them on his own, as seen in this picture!

Last week we had his four month appointment! Another round of shots, which he handled much better this time, though still heart-wrenching. He cried for less than a minute and then started smiling and giggling again. He weighed 18.5 lbs, putting him in the 94.17%. His head circumference was 17 inches, which puts him in the 89.09%. And he was 27.5 inches long, which puts him in the 99.73%!!!! He's a thriving guy and we're grateful. :)

Jim noticed that Ian has started crossing his ankles when he's lying on his back. He seems to love going barefoot, although it's difficult in this cold weather and he normally has socks or booties covering his feet. He also likes to be as naked as possible, but that can't happen often either. When it's warmer, I'm sure he'll only be running around in his cloth diaper a lot of time time. Why not? You can only get away with that when you're a baby, so he might as well enjoy it! ;)

Jim's message one morning.
This week has been a rough one for reasons other than Ian, but also for sleep. Ian has been getting up many times a night. I'm talking sometimes five or six times, then sometimes three or four. I've heard that this happens. Just when you think one or two nights will become the norm, then a change happens again. I've switched back to co-sleeping because it is so much easier when we're getting up often throughout the night. And it's the only real time he cuddles, since he's such a busy, go-get-'em baby.

It's all worth it. Every day we learn just a little more about him and he learns more about the world around him. It's fascinating nurturing and watching a baby as he grows.
Someone's getting a little goofy with all of these snow/cold days inside!
Papa's winter workout. Quite resourceful, eh?

Happy 19 weeks, sweet Ian!

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