Tuesday, January 14, 2014

He's on a ROLL!

Whew! During these two weeks, Ian's hit some pretty major milestones.

We went to the Floyd Jamboree at the Floyd Country Store, which is a well-known place to go to watch flat-footers and listen to bluegrass music. The people there are incredibly friendly and encourage newcomers to get up and dance, too. We wanted to see Ian's response, since he seems to really love music, and he certainly did not disappoint us! As soon as we arrived, he was entranced by the dancing and the music. He even started doing a little flat-footing of his own on our laps. We didn't take the camera with us, so you'll just have to imagine the adorable little man with wide-eyed excitement!

It wasn't long before three grandmotherly figures were watching him and then talking and laughing with him. One of them even had the gumption to take him out of my arms, invite us to her table, and then proceed to hold him while I ate my ice cream! That's the first and last stranger who will ever do that, I promise! He was fine and smiled at me from the opposite side of the table.

He has started to grab things, hold them, and bring them to himself. There were a few times when I knew that the toy had been beside him and then all of a sudden it was in his hand and mouth! So quick, that boy. Holding him in my lap during meals, when he's not content to be somewhere else, has also gotten pretty exciting. If I'm not careful, he has ahold of the plate or bowl and is pulling it to the end of the table. Whoa baby... times are changing!

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...
All week he had been so close to rolling!! He'd roll onto his side and then return to his back. Then he started rolling his hips all of the way over, but was stuck lying on one of his arms. On Friday we had dinner with some friends and he was lying on the floor next to the table. Two times he was on his back and when I looked again he had managed to roll onto his stomach. I missed it both times! If a baby rolls over and his mama doesn't see it, did he really roll over? This weekend he rolled over and I DID see it. He only did it a few times, so it's not something he's doing often yet.

Oh, and he is really, really SQUEALING! I'm talking ear-splitting, excited, joyful squealing! Yeesh! But it is oh-so-adorable. Sometimes he starts squealing due to happiness and then switches to being upset in the middle, but you can hardly tell unless you watch his facial expressions.

Happiness for Ian is making his mouth as HUGE as he can get it. This happens when he's playing or rough-housing with his Papa, sees his mama, or is playing in the jumperoo or the new, behemoth, bouncy contraption that Diana lent us.

We now have some sort of a play area for Ian in each room of the house, which gives him lots of variety throughout the day, when he's not in my arms or in a carrier.

He's also doing a lot of "talking" and ooooing, still. It's quite fun to banter back and forth with him.

For Christmas my mom, his Äma, gave him this adorable pair of overalls and Christine, Jim's sister, gave Jim this awesome log pillow. I may have had a little fun doing a photo shoot. Is he Jim's child or what? The man who is content with a pile of logs and an ax during his free time. I think Ian's well on his way to enjoying the same thing! All he needs is a flannel shirt, like Papa always wears. So, I present to you Ian Forrester the Lumberjack! He looks like such a little boy in this picture!

I had just a little fun with this photo shoot. There is a picture of me as a baby with the same expression as the one Ian has in this goofy picture below.

We have decided to have a family reading time right before Ian needs to go to bed. Jim reads, while I hold Ian and listen. It's been really sweet so far.

When the whole country was swept with the frigid cold spell, we decided not to take Ian out on our normal walks. Instead, we went to IKEA for a family expedition. The closest one is in Charlotte, NC, so we drove all of the way there and back in one day while Ian slept and we got to talk a lot about our coming year. We tried to do our best to get only the things we needed from IKEA and I think we did a pretty good job. I was THRILLED to find the play-yard I was looking for when I went to IKEA in Pittsburgh. They had it in Charlotte! Ian loves it.

On Monday Papa headed back to rotations, so it's just been Ian and Mama. I'm trying to figure out a good, flexible routine. Smoothie & coffee in the morning, baby & mama yoga, nap, walk Leif. That's our morning right now. We'll see what else falls into place. I'm attempting to start working out with Jim in the evenings... wish me luck!

Happy Boy

Happy 16 & 17 weeks, little lumberjack!


  1. Love those smiles...and that pillow!

  2. Great photos and update. Oh my how things change when the really start grabbing and rolling (getting you ready for when he starts really movingly!!). So fun that you got to fully see a roll this weekend.