Saturday, September 7, 2013


We attended our (perhaps) last Virginia Tech game today! Yesterday Jim was offered tickets by his attending and we couldn't pass them up. Even though I am 38.5 weeks pregnant, we couldn't resist a chance to go to the first home game. And while we're not big football fans, we both love to attend live sporting events and VT football definitely fits that description!

Both of us were secretly hoping that the crazy fans dressed in orange and maroon would somehow bounce our baby out, but it did not occur. If you've never been to a game, all of the fans bounce up and down, shaking the entire stadium, when the players are about ready to and are entering the field. It's absolutely incredible. When I brought my dad to a game two years ago he was in awe of the passion of these Hokie fans.

The game was between Virginia Tech and West Carolina University and we creamed them (45-3), which is why we were able to get the free tickets. Everyone knew it wasn't going to be a great match-up. But we enjoyed it anyway.

So Baby B, while you were not outside of my womb yet, you have officially attended your first college football game. There are no pictures to document the game, but we (you) were there!

While living in Blacksburg, we've really enjoyed the opportunities to go to games and live near a large college community. It will be something we miss when we move away, but we'll see where we end up!

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