Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Siblings!

There's something about spending time with my siblings that does my heart SO MUCH GOOD. It just so happened that both of them were able and willing to come and visit me on the same weekend. And, it was Willem's birthday weekend, so we had something to celebrate!

In typical sibling-style, we had to play a game and it may have been a bit competitive! The sheer desire to defeat our own kin runs strong in our blood and so our towers got pretty tall. 


We headed out for a delicious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town. Mom & Dad, though not able to join us, gifted Willem with this dinner out with us. Willem ordered a massive sicilian pizza for us to split. It was yummy! It's not often that the three of us sit and have purposeful conversations with each other, so this was a nice chance to move out of our usual sibling activities and really chat. Thanks, Mom & Dad!

So, I get some sister points for baking the cake, but I forgot the candles. We improvised & Willem was a good sport!

He was a happy guy.

The next day they indulged Leif & me by going on a walk with us at our favorite local park.

As a baby shower gift Phoebe gave me white baby onesies, a swim hat, and a swim diaper and a tie-dye kit! So, we had a little sibling craft afternoon and decorated Baby B's clothing.


They turned out really well! Baby B will have a bright and colorful wardrobe. It's so special to have onesies made by one of his/her aunts and uncles. Jim wasn't able to make any with us during this visit (due to continued night shifts), but we also had a mommy & daddy craft day later.

And it wouldn't summer for Willem without a watermelon in the fridge...

But what REALLY made his weekend was the fact that Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" was playing at The Lyric. He loved it. Happy birthday, Will!

Phoebe stayed a few extra days and it was so nice to have quality sister time. During her visit she got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which thrilled her, and she got to see a very quick ultrasound confirming that the baby's head is down.

I'm so bad at goodbyes, especially with these two. Thank you for a wonderful time! It was awesome to have you around. Looking forward to hosting you when your names have changed to Uncle Willem & Aunt Phoebe!!!!


  1. Love these pictures!!!! Thanks, Käthe!!!

  2. The tie-dyed onesies are fabulous! Life is always better when you add more color. :)

  3. So glad this visit happened for you three. This post lets me enjoy this late and vicariously.
    Love, Dad