Monday, July 8, 2013

Four Years!!!

Lucy O Photo, 07-08-09
Four years ago we celebrated with friends and family, got married at my favorite place, and paddled away to start our journey of marriage.

It's hard to believe that these years have already slipped by, but when I start to think about it we've done a whole lot! We've tried to visit family & friends as much as possible, adventure and explore new places (Louisiana, Texas, Alaska, Maine, & New York City), and do the best we can where we've been planted (Lafayette, Louisiana & Blacksburg, Virginia).

This year certainly didn't go as we were thinking/planning this time last summer, but we made it to the other side stronger, centered, and more in love than ever.  

And, as my cousin just pointed out, this is our last anniversary as a duo! We are so excited for what our fourth year of marriage has in store for us. It's a big, BIG year. September will bring a wonderful and life-changing dynamic into our lives as we welcome a baby girl or boy into our midst. Parenthood, here we come!

Not only are we adding a third member of our family, but we are also preparing for the switch from medical school to a three year residency program. Part of this coming year will be spent interviewing and rotating with potential programs for Jim to finish his training as an osteopathic doctor in the field of family medicine. 

By this time next year we will have moved to a new location with our approximately ten month old! Wow! Stay tuned.

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  1. Exciting! Happy Anniversary! And can't wait to see you this week. Love you.