Monday, August 6, 2012


Today I had an appointment with my neurologist and he came into the room just beaming!!! He then proceeded to tell us that my vertebral artery is completely clear and that I will have full use of it from now on! 

Prior to this we had been told that my artery would basically be blocked off as the blood clot in my neck would form tissue and scar at either end of the blockage. This was dismal and sad news, but we had accepted it as what must be, since this was a serious injury. Back in February the neurologist had explained that it is very rare, if not almost impossible, that an artery would clear again after such a blockage. I must admit that I cried when we heard this news.

In May I actually felt something give in my neck and tried to hold my excitement at the thought that it MAY, just may, have been the artery's flow returning once more. I will never know if it actually did give that day, but now it doesn't matter!

It was so neat to look at the before and after MRA pictures and see that the blockage is no longer there. How incredible!!! He said that he's only heard legends about such things happening before. Oh happy, happy day!

I am so humbled by the amount of support I have received over the last six months. Thank you for being by my side through it all and providing prayers, meals, hugs, and kind sentiments! We have truly felt each prayer.



  1. happy happy joy joy! Way to heal!!!

  2. That is WONDERFUL news! How good God is to provide His healing hand so visibly in your life. Awesome.