Sunday, August 26, 2012

Until We Meet Again

Have I ever mentioned that I am horrible with goodbyes? That goes for any type of a goodbye, even happy ones. And lately, I have had to say FAR too many for my heart to bear.

Grandpa's funeral brought family from three different states and so not only did I bid farewell to one of my nearest and dearest people, I also had to say goodbye to my wonderful family on the very same day.

Look at this wonderful group!

Yesterday I spoke with my sister on the phone before she boarded her flight for Senegal, where she'll be until Christmas Eve. My family celebrated Thanksgiving with her last Thursday, since she won't be here with us in November. Yet another goodbye!

Fortunately, she'll be keeping us updated as she gallivants around Africa. She's a great writer and so I believe it will be a nice avenue for not only keeping up with her, but also getting unique perspective on her experiences and travels. I love you, Phoebe!

As if that wasn't enough, I just blubbered my way through a goodbye with Jim as he heads off to his first rotation. Leif and I are on our own during the weeks for the next three months. Hopefully Jim will be able to come home on the weekends to spend time with us, but that will all depend on his attending doctor.

First rotation up = surgery in Wytheville!

The house is not empty and I have many things to do to occupy my time/brain, but it will be hard without my dear husband. We knew this was coming at some point and I thought I was prepared... I suppose you never can quite prepare your heart.

We'll all meet again, this I know...

Goodbye for tonight!

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  1. Love you. See you sometime soon, and talk to you even sooner!