Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tour de VA

This weekend was a whirlwind of visiting friends and family and I wouldn't have had it any other way!

Stop 1: Charlottesville, VA
I first stopped in Charlottesville to meet Edith, Lucy & Keith's baby, and spend some time with her parents, too. She's such a cutie! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, but here's one from another source:
Cramer Photo @ www.cramerphoto.com
Stop 2:Richmond, VA
Then I headed to Richmond to visit Sean, Meredith & their dog, Bodee! Even though I've been to Richmond countless times, I had never been down to the river. We had a great afternoon watching Bodee play and chatting. Thanks for hosting me!

Stop 3:Richmond, VA
Saturday morning I got up early to meet Lindsay, my freshman year suite sweet-mate, for coffee. Then I went and saw her in her element at the gymnastic gym where she works. She's had a rough year, but she's been so strong! No picture :(

Stop 4:Lynchburg, VA
Next it was off to my freshman year roomie's wedding! Rachel married Tyler, her boyfriend since high school, in a beautiful outdoor wedding on a remote mountaintop. It was there that I caught-up with friends from my freshman year of college. She was breathtaking and so happy :)

Stop 5:Paris, VA
Around 11 PM I finally made it to my parents' home in Paris. My parents, siblings and a friend of my sister were there this weekend.

Stop 6:Washington, D.C.
Sunday morning we hopped in the car and headed into D.C. to see "The Music Man" at the Arena Theater. The theater was in-the-round and the show was brilliantly crafted and choreographed. It's a musical I know about as well as the back of my hand, but they still had me reeling with amazement. It was actually more fun to see a show that I know so well be done SO well. This was also Father's Day and so it was nice to spend the day with my dad!

Unfortunately, my brother and I went to see the show in the stead of my aunt and uncle. Uncle John was just diagnosed with Leukemia (AML) and he is beginning some intense chemo treatments in the Cleveland Clinic. The whole time we were traveling to and from the show we kept growing silent as we each thought about Uncle John and how he would have been there enjoying the barbershop quartet instead of us. 

Our hearts and minds are with him and Aunt Beth as they go through this intense month+. Uncle John is a hilarious, witty, and talented man who has worked incredibly hard throughout his life. He has always been someone who I've looked up to and I know he's going to put up a good fight! We love you.

Stop 7/Home:Blacksburg, VA
Home again, home again jiggity jig! I arrived home to a happy pup and Jim. Last night we went and saw The Avengers at The Lyric in Blacksburg. It's an old theater that plays movies later than regular theaters, but with a much lower cost. AND Monday nights you get free popcorn! Jim was in heaven watching some of his favorite characters in a well-done movie. I love hearing him laugh while watching movies :)

HAPPY (belated, but not really because I was there) FATHER'S DAY, DADDIO! 
I'm glad I got to be with you and your beautiful pup. Here's Dad with his new puppy, Ashby! She's such a sweetie.

Thus ends my Tour de VA! 
Thank you to my wonderful hosts, friends, and family for a last-minute visit! 
I sure enjoyed my time with each of you. 
That's what summers are for, eh? 

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  1. What a whirlwind of fun! You know how to enjoy each moment of life, whether being with your friends and family or knitting by the campfire. Tears came to my eyes as I read your comments about Uncle John. I'm writing this while sitting at his bedside...he is napping...I am "computering". Thanks for your prayers. He's REALLY needing them right now. The chemo is starting to take a toll on his blood counts. I love you.