Monday, June 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Time

Phoebe and I hit the road last Tuesday and headed to see our family in Pennsylvania. Willem wasn't able to make it after all, since he took a part as Orsino in The Tempest and had a read-through the evening we left. So, Phoebe and I sang the entire way to Seneca, Pennsylvania and there may have been some chatting, too. It was quality sister time.

We all gathered for foil packs around the campfire... YUM!

And we watched this jokester... 

And enjoyed listening to this jokester :)

And visited with a beautiful 86 year old!

And then a handsome 91 year old.

They've almost reached 64 years of marriage (July 3rd). Wowzers!

Even though the visit was short, it was great. We had a blast with Uncle Mark, who was visiting from Miami, Florida. He's hilarious and really fun to be around! We look forward to more time with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Beth, Uncle John, Julie, Jake, Hazel, and Heidi very soon! 

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