Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Well-Used

This has been an absolutely beautiful weekend! The weather has been warm enough to wear sandals, shorts, and tshirts, while also being cool enough to enjoy just sitting outside. Just plain beautiful!

After a crazy morning of errand-running, forgetting cards, basketball (Jim), back-tracking, way-to-much-driving, entering grades, etc., we spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening outside. Jim studied in the hammock, while I knitted in the adirondack chair and Leif meandered around the yard.

In the evening we sat around the campfire and ate mountain pies, while researching and dreaming about our road trip to Maine this summer. Then Mike and Lindsay came over to relax and chat late into the night.

Today's been about the same. Both of my cousins who blog, amazingly enough, wrote about doing "nothing" this weekend (in the best, productive sense of the word). They wrote about ditching the to-do list and just doing what they wanted, when they wanted to do them. It appears that we are on the same wave-length this weekend, even though the many miles separate us.

This injury, though annoying and painful, has really helped me to put the "to-dos" into perspective. I no longer stay at work until 5 PM (2.5 hours after school gets out) to grade, plan, and organize. I make my planning periods REALLY productive, and I've learned to delegate responsibilities to instructional aids and students in the classroom. It's amazing just how many things can be adapted, when you realize your limitations.

I'm reminded of a cross-stitch my parents have at The Pinery (our summer cabin) that reads: "Time is precious, waste it wisely." Too true.

Lots of rounds of fetch make Leif a happy pup!

I hope your weekend has been beautiful and revitalizing, too. 


  1. Fun read, as always. Lovely place to occasionally waste your time wisely!
    Love, Dad

  2. I think we all need to put DO NOTHING days on our calendars! What a precious thing... but only appreciated because our lives are so full of GOOD things. Man do I wish I could knit around that fire with you!!!

    1. I wish you could, too! Come visit :)