Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy Hands

A glimpse of what my busy hands have been up to these days. I made one chevron blanket (seen below) and it was simply ghastly. There were bulges here and there, the lines weren't straight, and the bottom was MUCH wider than the top. 

I was attempting to learn three different, new (to me) kinds of stitches, while also counting stitches. This was my first project ever in which I actually had to count stitches and that was certainly hard to get used to! It's incredibly hard to count stitches while holding a conversation, running to grab a ringing cell phone, or attempting to get every last detail out of what's on the screen. My impatient, "I'll-fix-it- later" attitude wanted to plow forward and that's very apparent in the blanket. Let's be real- there is no way to fix it later in knitting!

Here's the start of my second chevron blanket and it's looking to be much more successful. I've learned how to count stitches without having to back-track, and I've learned enough about the ssk, k2tog, and kfb, to be able to identify just where I left off the last time. Hopefully I can keep this up for the duration of this blanket. Watching the news, movies, and TV shows is so much more fun with something to do with your hands!

I also had some fun making a faux-aboriginal drawing of a lizard on a card. Very simple and mind-numbing after a day of work.

Who'd like some mail? Post the first comment and it's yours, if you want it :)


  1. SCORE! I popped online to check a bread recipe and saw your new post :) Mail please!!!

  2. For the record, I really WAS the first. Check your facebook if you don't believe me. I was having technical difficulties. . . You can see the time if you don't believe me. :-)
    Love you and miss you!

    1. MO was first, it's true. Don't worry, Julie... you'll still get something! Just give me an extra day or two.

    2. No worries! If I have to lose, I prefer to lose to MOK!

  3. Dang, I would have liked that card too! Dang those nieces, your cousins!
    I loved the word you used for the top photo of knitting: "ghastly!". Uh, if that is ghastly, you live in a very pretty world!