Monday, April 23, 2012

Tardy Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day and so I decided to do a little activity with my students about items and how long it takes them to biodegrade. Some of the things were quite shocking to them and to me, even though I've seen these stats year after year.

Before revealing how long it takes for diapers, I asked the students if any of them have siblings who are still in diapers. Many raised their hands and then I asked them how many diapers they go through in a day. Their answers varied from five, ten, twenty, and two packs... somehow I don't think that all of these answers are quite correct.

Well, it takes 450 years for a diaper to biodegrade! WHAT!? HOLY COW! That's a scary and nightmarish thing to ponder.

I am certainly seeing cloth diapers in my future.

Things we attempt to do:
- compost
- carpool
- recycle
- reuse materials for household items/organization
- purchase items that come in recyclable materials
- drive fairly efficient cars
- plan our outings carefully, to avoid extra trips/gas usage
- turn off the lights when they aren't necessary
- reusable tupperware for lunches, etc.

Things that need work:
- my long, hot showers
- making/using homemade, good-for-the-environment cleaners

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