Sunday, January 29, 2012

"This Will Be My Tail"

An image that mirrors that of my brother's childhood. This brings fond memories of my brother finding household items to be his "tail." He would walk around and proclaim, "This will be my tail!" And so he spent countless hours being a wolf with imaginary tails and eventually a "real" tail sewn out of furry cloth and somehow attached to his pants.

Everything is better with a little imagination, fun, and resourcefulness...

Last week my trip was cancelled, my students had fluke low scores, and we found out our car is on its last legs. This coming week Jim has meetings for his rotation schedule, which decides where & how we'll live next year, we are buying a "new" car, and I am getting observed... during this time I need to remember the three qualities listed above to survive.

We'll use the time we have and the resources we have in an attempt to live within our means. All because... everything is better that way!

Willem knew that when he was two.

________________ will be my tail!


  1. This is my 8th year at Highland School, hence I am being evaluated and observed this week also, and must provide student surveys and a lot of other docs like goals and objectives, so it never ends!
    Hope you have a fun and resourceful week, find your tail, and continue to keep your sense of adventure, humor, and optimism!
    Love, Dad

  2. What a great take on the "have a tail" mindset! Bummer about the car, but it's time you join the Toyota club anyway :) Super excited to find out where you and Jim will be heading in the future... though I hope I make it to your cabin first (since I've heard about it nonstop for a week!).