Monday, January 9, 2012

Folly & Zeke

Today I received the sad news that my parents' younger dog, Folly passed away last night. It was a sudden illness and it hit hard for all of us.

Two weeks ago we made the conscious decision to put-down Zeke, Jim's dog since high school, because of his frequent seizures and unpredictable behavior.

Such blows these two events have made to our hearts! Whether conscious or not, pets delve their way into the deepest corners of our bodies and our lives. They become so integral to our routines and provide a rich joy that only other pet owners can relate to the pain and longing that's left by their departure.

Zeke, we miss your love for the cold weather and watching you bound around our woods. We laugh when we think back on the messes you've made. You were a truly loyal dog until the end.

Folly, we'll miss your greetings when we pull up the driveway.  Leif will surely miss romping around Paris Mountain with you, and Rosie has lost the love of her life.  But most of all, we will miss watching you take off to carry out the duty you've appointed yourself or to tree a squirrel. We wish we knew what happened to you. It's only fitting that you passed on a nearly full moon.

We miss you both!


  1. I like that you focus on what those dogs have brought to your life and the happy memories. That's the thing about dogs: Unfortunately, they have a shorter life span than we do. Then again, it allows us to allow more dogs into our lives. ;-)
    Sorry for your loss.

  2. so sorry about both of your losses! Those dogs had such wonderful lives surrounded by people who truly truly loved them. I know just how you can fill that void...

  3. Thanks for sharing your memories! Dogs are so special. Micah asked me today if I thought our animals go to heaven. The best answer I could give him is that God is a wonderful Creator who loves all parts of His creation. If heaven is anything like I imagine it might be, I think there will be many dogs in one form or another.

  4. Wonderful thoughts, Kathe. I am still missing Folly daily as I am sure you are missing Zeke. I feel especially bad for old Rosie. That last night was very sad and shocking. One suggestion was that perhaps she had been bitten by a snake. Quite possible, given her "duties" and the suddenness. So that is how I choose to think it happened.