Monday, January 16, 2012

"I Busy"

When my brother was younger he coined the phrase, "I busy," when asked to do something. More than likely it was said while double-fisting toy figures or the "paper guys" he created for himself and now it's come to be a phrase that we use quite often.

I look back at the posts I've made recently and I realize that I have been quite sporadic in writing any in recent weeks. And I suppose my only comment could be that "I busy."

But busy with what?

Well, the holidays were busy. We spent 1.5 weeks for traveling to see family and with it got to see a great show in DC and go on many walks, all while eating mouth-watering meals. Then, we arrived home the day before school started, which kept me on my toes for the first week!

Next, we adopted a new puppy (on that first day back of school) and named him Finlay "Fin" Barlow. That's the Celtic name for blonde-haired soldier which fits him to a tee! Jim's done a great job training him and bringing him into the family. Leif's beginning to enjoy having a younger dog around and trying his hand at "top dog."

I started conditioning two girls twice a week for their upcoming soccer season. At first I was quite apprehensive, but it's been thoroughly enjoyable and I've gotten some great workouts in, as well. The girls are super eager and willing to do whatever they're challenged to do and therefore it's a great cap to my school day, where motivation is sometimes overshadowed by behaviors. I'm really enjoying this and will be sad when the time is up.

During this time we've also had two different visitors and we took them both to, yep you guessed it (!), the Cascades! Our first visitor was Pheebs and it was so great to get some quality sister time. We took her to the Floyd Country Store, where she really enjoying the flat-footing and cultural experience. Our next visitor was Jonny, a friend from HSC, who may be interested in attending VCOM in the future. So, Jim gave him the grand tour and we showed him the "sights!"

And now today, I spent from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM drinking coffee and reading The Help at both Starbucks and Panera. Little did I know that 10:30 would not be the halfway point for my day, as I had expected. Therefore, I switched locations for a new setting. My brain is fried by Panera's muzak and jazz music.

Thank you to our friends Steven & Ashly for loaning us one of their cars for the evening and tomorrow! We are so grateful!

Today perhaps I wasn't busy, but I sure felt busy! Thank goodness for a day off. And how better to celebrate MLK Day than by reading The Help? I became so engulfed by the characters, the setting, and the time, that I began to hear conversations around me and think that they were relating to the issues in the book. It was a bit bizarre. What I kept coming back to was the fact that this was actually set during my parents' childhood... not a century before...

It's amazing how far we've come but it's also pitiful at the same time. 


  1. Love your blog. Almost as good as a short visit!
    Love, Dad

  2. Thanks, Dad! We just had a great visit with Aunt Beth and Uncle John! :) Love you.