Friday, November 4, 2011


In the winter, nothing beats eating a good grapefruit. I try not to let the advertisements and the creative displays at the grocery sway and convince me to buy items that weren't on my list. But grapefruits were certainly NOT on my list and boy were they calling to me!

And why shouldn't they call to me?

It's the change in the seasons, the brown of the leaves, and the beginning of cold sniffles that make it oh-so-right to get citrus, even if it isn't on "the list!"

And it's also okay if it isn't on your list the next week you head to the grocery store. They're helping me fight off any colds that may come my way.

There are so many good foods to look forward to in the colder months: hot chocolate, oatmeal, oranges, clementines, grapefruits, yorkshire pudding(!), Thanksgiving turkey and side dishes and desserts, roasts, soups, and more. More than food there are warm fires, down blankets, warm and bulky sweaters, smartwool socks, boots, and most of all, snow days!

I always struggle when people talk about their favorite season because it's so hard to choose. That's saying a lot coming from a teacher who gets her summers off! But there's so much to look forward to during every season and right now I am focusing on the wonders and positives of winter, since summer is so far away.

Thank goodness for grapefruits or I may not have begun thinking about how lovely this time of the year really is!

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