Sunday, October 23, 2011

58th Birthday!

Living in Blacksburg, VA almost mandates that you need to attend a VT football game at some point. Being that my dad is the biggest sports enthusiast I know, it was only a matter of time before he needed to partake in the "Hokie Nation," as they call it. And what better time to go but for his birthday!

And he truly soaked it all in. From the walk from VCOM, to viewing the airstrip with planes coming in, to watching the many RVs full of tailgaters play cornhole, to observing the flow of maroon and orange pour into Lane Stadium, to watching the whole stadium shake and dance the "Hokie Pokie," he enjoyed it all. And through watching his amazement, I enjoyed it too.

I was even brought back to my childhood when he returned from the vendor with some Cracker Jacks!!! That used to be a treat we'd have together. And as I got to the end of the bag (no, it wasn't in a box) I remembered that I used to eat all of the peanuts first, to savor the caramelized popcorn. The things you forget :)

But the best was that he said he had never been to anything like this before. The spirit and kindness of the fans and the gorgeous day made for a wonderful experience! Not only that, but it was a great game. The Hokies were down at the half and game back to win it all 30-14!

We had a blast.

And it didn't stop there. Jim had spent the morning preparing a gumbo, which he let simmer while we were at the game. He also made homemade bread! What a feast to have after a chilly day outside watching football. We spent the evening around a fire in the fireplace, as any good fall day should end.

Today is his actual birthday and therefore he got a few more presents. His favorite present was his ENO hammock!

And, much too soon, they packed up and were on their way back to Paris. What a lovely weekend!

Come back soon! We loved hosting you. Miss you both.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful visit! I'm intrigued by the hammock; I haven't seen one like it before.