Saturday, November 5, 2011

Savvy Skills

While Jim was woodworking this evening he cut himself and went to clean it up. Being that he is a medical student, he made sure to bandage it up very well so that he could keep working. There's no stopping his progress on his newest project. Check out his lovely handy-work!

I believe this would fall under "use the resources you have" category. He doesn't have a suture kit yet, but we always have duct tape!

Along the same lines, I wore my hair a different way yesterday at school. I showed my savvy skills at hair-dressing and switched things up a bit. And many of the students commented on how they liked my hair, stated that they had never seen my hair this way, and told me I should wear it that way more often. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I wore my hair in a ponytail! Little do they know that since my hair is just, almost, long enough to fit into a ponytail again, this will be my only hair-do for months to come!

We're a talented duo :)

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