Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Evening Outlet

Do you ever receive a gift card from someone and then wait 9 months before actually using it? Eek! Well, I do!

Today I went and purchased beads, clasps and stringing wire to make some new pieces of jewelry to jazz up my wardrobe and outfits, as well as to feed my creative urges.

Walking up and down the bead aisle in Michaels is such a fun thing to do! The colors are beautiful, grouped in warm and cool colors, brights and naturals, plastic and glass, wood and stone; a true feast for the eyes and to the touch.

If only my tastes weren't for the most expensive beads... Fortunately, there was a sale and I had a gift card.

So, after spending an hour on that aisle and two hours at home, I now have one new necklace and three new bracelets. Playing with combinations of colors and beads and then stringing and restringing made for a fun evening.

In the end I have discovered that simple is still my style.
I still feel like I am playing dress-up sometimes.
I am, after all, only 25. Right?

****Speaking of which.... HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my dear cousin, Julie! I hope that you are having a wonderful square-dancing jamboree this evening!!! Wish I could be there. Love you.

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