Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Laws of Nature

Recently we witnessed a snake's attempt to devour a toad.

We watched as the snake bit the hindquarters of the poor creature, amazed that it would even attempt this feat.

And just as we thought that the toad had met the end of his existence, he began to move, struggle, and fight back. Still the snake kept its steadfast clasp.

Then the toad made another valiant effort and kicked its way out of the snake's hold.

Quickly the snake slithered off and the toad sat with goo and saliva-covered legs, but it was safe.

Sometimes life just isn't fair... and sometimes it is. The laws of nature were reversed that day. It's refreshing to see that happen. A reminder to keep trying and be resilient. The outcome just might surprise us.


  1. Great story! Love that the toad made it away safely. :)

  2. WHA??? I can't believe you saw that AND GOT PICTURES! Very cool... and deep :)