Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Comes in Waves

Thursday Teacher Work Day in...

... Friday Teacher Work Day out

Driving to OBX...

...checking into hotel.

Heading out to the beach...

Body-surfing the waves with the four people above was one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating moments of the summer. My family hardly went to the beach while we were growing up, but we all love to be there. We savor it; we take every moment we can to have our feet in the sand and the salty wind in our hair. Well, on Saturday afternoon we were there. And each of the four of us were there completely. We spent a bit more than two hours standing or treading water at chest level, waiting for a good wave to ride into shore.

At one point I commented to my dad, "You seem to be hitting the waves just right over there. How do you know which spot to go?"

He shrugged with an almost comical smile and sheepish grin and said, "It comes in waves."

And it certainly did.

That evening we saw Willem perform in Lost Colony on Roanoke Island. What a production! I am so proud of him. And, can you imagine wearing this costume during HOT summer evenings, while also moving massive, heavy sets across a sandy floored stage? He's a dedicated soldier, my friends.

That night he came to visit us in our hotel for a few hours. The next day Mom and I went for a lovely walk on the beach at sunrise. It was a beautiful morning.

The sun was beautiful, the water was gorgeous, but our footprints being washed away by the waves was the most fascinating to me. Three tiny waves on the beach and our deep imprints were wiped clean. How wonderful that we can make a mark and have it removed so quickly. How humbling, too.

After the walk we got breakfast and returned to the beach for another walk with Dad. We scoured the beach for shells and shards of shells. Out and in, out and in... it was time for me to go, but I stopped and visited Willem for lunch on my way. Out and in...

Sunday night in...

... out to Monday Teacher Work Day

Tuesday Teacher Work Day in...

... out and home for my last evening before school starts.

Play and work. They, too, come in waves!

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