Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time in Nature

The wonder of the world,

the beauty and the power,

the shape of things,

their colors, lights, and shades;

these I saw.

Look ye also while life lasts.

Taken from Wapiti Wilderness by Margaret and Olaus Murie and originally from an old gravestone in Cumberland, England.

*Pictures taken on our hike to Cascades Falls, near Pembroke, VA. Our friend Jeremy was in town and we took him on our favorite hike on a gorgeous May day. Thanks for a great weekend, Jeremy! We made the most of it :)


  1. Perfect blend of words and photos! I can almost feel the mist of the waterfall. Lovely!

  2. Beautiful--so glad this is your idea of a good time! Also brought back memories of our stay at the Murie Center near the Grand Tetons!