Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Tomorrow morning my students take their SOL test. Right now I am thinking good thoughts of them all being tucked carefully into their beds, after eating a wonderfully nutritious meal, so that they will be ready to knock the socks of this test!

We've worked hard all year and they've reviewed and targeted areas in which they struggled, but it all just comes down to one day, a few hours, and a computer screen.

Today I went to a family doctor for some horrible neck pains I have been having and basically got a psychiatrist session on the stresses in my life. It was a really good visit and I've been asked to come back on Friday for some Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). And have been told figure out some ways to handle my stress. Some options were offered and I plan to use them but...

(BUT is the key word here. I am finding that I always have a "but." No BUTS!)

...I just need to get through tomorrow and the next 16 days! This said, I need to get through these days by taking care of myself too.

This is easier said than done, but I will try.

How do you handle stress?


  1. I'm really bad at stress. But lists help me sooo much. Once it's on a list, I feel like I can tackle all there is to do.
    Gosh- I better make a list. :-)

  2. When I get uber stressed... I enlist the help of my hubby and I take some ME time! Hiding in my bedroom for an entire evening, reading a book, having food delivered is my current ME time fantasy :)

    My unhealthy way: cry and snap at my loved ones and then cry some more.

  3. First, how excited am I that you are blogging?!! This is fantastic!

    Second, I cracked a tooth this winter due to stress and grinding my teeth. At my dentist's suggestion, I have been visiting a hypnotist north of Pittsburgh. (That looks so crazy written out...) Regardless, my life has changed so much for the better. No pain in my jaw, no rocks of stress in my shoulders. The best part? I can now teach without coming home with a tension headache at the end of the day.

    Having said that, you will feel a ton better in just a few weeks when school is out. :)

  4. You might like a yoga class. I noticed that I always had terrible neck tension in the spring...before concerts, conducting, programs at school and just the end of the of the year stresses. I used to have to see a chiropractor each spring. Since I started the yoga classes, I haven't had that problem. It's not the perfect answer...but it's natural and good for your body and soul.

  5. Marianne- Lists are definitely my go-to thing, but they also overwhelm me sometimes. Even though they should have the opposite effect, when I am able to cross them off!!

    Julie- I hear you on the unhealthy way!!

    Shayne- I'm honored that you came to my blog! Yes, I clench my jaw in the night and wake up with one that is very sore. Tension headaches started and I knew I needed to seek help! C'mon end of school :)

    Aunt Beth- I love yoga! It hasn't worked out with our schedules or budget, for the classes I've found, but I hope to find one that will.

    Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I went to the doctor on Friday and she did some magic manipulation and gave me meds and a heat patch and some exercises. Now that the test and coaching soccer is done, I hope to tone it down.