Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Love Will Keep

So many types of love displayed above!

This song has come up a few times on my pandora station and every time I am listening to it my hands are wrist-deep in washing dishes or stirring a pot on the stove. Fortunately, for me, this time I was drying my hands after washing dishes and got to the computer in time to press the "thumbs up" button and catch the singer.

Here's a snippet from the song, but you need to hear it in order to do it justice.

I love you in the winter when the roots grow deep
Love you in the spring when the leaves turn green
I love you in the summer when the trees grow tall
I love you in the fall of the year
When the leaves turn brown
When they cover the ground
Down where the roots grow deep
My love will keep

by Adrienne Young

Beautiful sentiment and imagery.

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