Monday, January 2, 2017

TEN Month Owen!!

Oh, sweet O! I think this is going to be one of my nicknames for you. O, so short and simple, but said with such love and admiration for such a wonderful boy.

You are now more than ten and a half months old and I am just sitting down to write this.

Owen, you shuffle crawl SO, so fast these days. One minute you are nowhere near an object and the next minute it's in your hand. You pull up on everything and have started cruising the furniture.
 Mama's arms and the carrier are still your favorite comfort during the day, but if Papa's near... you often prefer to nestle deeply into his shoulder. Papa loves that special time with you.

You still take two naps a day, one around 9:30 and the other around 1 PM, when Ian's napping. Lately, you've bucked your morning nap a couple times, but it's clear that you still desire some rest in the morning.

Over your ten month birthday we were on an interview trip to Luray. This month you've had four teeth arrive on the top of your mouth, all at the very same time. It's made you very cuddly and particular, wanting to be held and rocked most of every day. You seem to be doing better with it now, willing to crawl around on the floor on your own for some time. 

Teething has made you very interested in teething toys that feel good on your gums. Your teeth are so sharp that we can no longer let you gnaw on our fingers and knuckles and so a teether is necessary. Aunt Phoebe gave me a teething necklace me to wear and for you to chew on and you LOVE it. So do I. I've worn it almost nonstop since I opened it on Christmas day. You also received a similar teether from the Lafferty family and that has been so nice for you to hold in the car and around the house, when Mama's not holding you.

You've started helping us put things back into containers. For example, if we are putting the animals away, you will also throw the animals into the bin! Each thing you do surprises and awes us with your understanding and abilities!

On Christmas day you climbed the entire flight of stairs at Paris Mountain!! It was your first opportunity to climb a full flight of stairs and you did it on the very first try. You were wearing leg warmers that made your knees a bit slippery, so you lifted your foot up, stuck it, and stood all of the way up on each stair. How remarkable you are!

You've started humming along in your own melody to different songs that we sing, bouncing your body to the beat... or maybe your own beat. It's adorable and sweet.

The dishwasher in your greatest fascination. Well, second only to Ian and Leif. We often find you inside of Leif's crate, sitting and smiling at us as if you've played the best joke ever.

This week you'll hop on a plane for the second time in your very short life. We are headed to one more interview in Portsmouth, New Hampshire! We hope this interview visit will go better for you, and especially for your teeth and sleep. Surely it has to be better ;)

Today, for the very first time, you signed "more!" You were so thrilled with yourself. You repeatedly sign more and then steal the spoon from me to feed yourself. Growing up so fast, dear boy.

We love you so, so much.

Happy 10 months, Owen David!!!

You make us so proud. Our hearts could burst.

You love: nestling into Papa's shoulder, watching Ian, getting into Leif's crate, petting Leif (ever-so-gently... it's amazing!), teethers, cuddling with Mama, shuffle-crawling everywhere, humming, squealing, saying Ma-ma, Pa-pa, and da (dog).

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