Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Summer at Home

Don't ask me why, but all of these pictures uploaded completely out of order. Oh well! It's a smattering of pictures from our summer that have finally been uploaded and gathered.

Ian loves toys! He's gotten so imaginative in his play and uses different voices for each toy, allowing them to converse. We just love listening and watching him play. Ian's animals are still a very popular toy. While we were at The Pinery last week he was gifted a bunch of matchbox cars from my family in Miami. He spends lots of time arranging them in lines and rows around our house.
 Owen's gotten stronger and stronger. Rolling over and lifting his head far about his hands. He can crane is neck in any direction necessary and often turns 360 degrees around on the blanket. Owen's quite interested and observant.
 At the very beginning of the summer we had about a week straight of grandparent visits!! It was lovely.

Fourth of July- Owen had some very appropriate leggings!

 These boys are found like this all throughout our days. They LOVED being together, babbling back and forth, and smiling at each other. It's going to be fun to watch this relationship unfold.

Ian learned how to catch a ball this summer! He loves throwing back and forth or dribbling or chasing us as we dribble around the yard.
If this picture is any indication, Ian definitely approves of cooling down with a cool smoothie! No matter the color ;)

 Owen's dexterity has improved greatly. It's so sweet to get purposeful caresses and watch him manipulate his toys and other objects around him.
We've read loads and loads of books. The local library had a challenge to read 20 hours over the summer. This kid easily surpasses that in very little time. He's started asking more comprehension questions while we're reading, which is really fun. Ian's also quoting the books we read a lot while he plays or walks throughout our house. It's so fun, almost like a auditory scavenger hunt, to listen to him speak and figure out which book he's quoting. We have a pirate book called, "Pirates Don't Change Diapers" and that is a common source. It's fun to hear pirate jargon (all appropriate) coming from our sweet two year old's mouth!
 Jim's parents are clearing out his childhood home and brought us six adirondack chairs. They needed to be stained and so Ian and Jim spent some time painting them together. What a pair they made!
 Owen's favorite past-time (other than rolling, nursing, sleeping, ha!) is sticking his feet in his mouth. What delectable treats his toes must be! Ian continues to be a huge fan of apples, but the tomatoes currently growing in our garden are the most recent winner! He downed a whole pint before I even noticed he'd been sneaking them off of the kitchen counter!

These two. More of the sweet, sweet same.

Papa continues to bring so much joy and love into the lives of these boys. 
 Owen's taking notes. Soon he'll be in the mix, too. It's going to wild around here!
 Each homemade dinner is brought to you by either naptime or the jumper! Thank goodness for this jumper! He loves it (most of the time)!

This HAD been a really cute moment when both boys were lying on their bellies on this blanket. Right when I grabbed the camera, Ian turned around. Oh well! I still love the way his legs are crossed.
 I told you these are crazy out of order. Here are some of Aunt Erin and Seraphina when they visited last week. We loved having them here and getting the cousins together again! Sadly we didn't get one of all three of them together. So silly!

 They enjoyed playing together a lot. Ian did a great job sharing his toys.

 More grandparents visits...

 Sweet moments between brothers.

I don't bring my big camera on many excursions, so Instragram has a lot of our outings. But I love these moments captured around our home with the boys. This is everyday life.

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