Tuesday, August 2, 2016

FIVE Month Owen!!

Long, long ago now. Weeks ago, in fact, our darling Owen David turned FIVE months old! We couldn't be crazier in love with this little boy if we tried. 

His smile lights us up, beckons us forward, and completes our family.
We love his gummy, gleeful, comfortable smile.
 His calculated look and search for his loved ones.
 His adoration for Ian, Papa, Leif, and Mama.
 We love his sweet, blonde hair that's grown in so nicely and his deep, rich blue eyes!
 We love his ability to laugh at every joke and his sweet giggle that's just so infectious!!!
 In his fifth month he's mastered rolling over! One week after turning five months old he was doing it like it was his job. We were staying in Asheville for the weekend with some friends and he rolled over on the plush carpet a bizillion times. So fun to watch him roll and then to see his proud smile after he completed his feat. What joy!!
 His repertoire of faces grows by the day. He's so expressive and enthusiastic and content, this one.
 I can't choose just one picture. They all melt my heart and soul.
 Life with this guy is grand.
 It's full of smiles and cuddles.
 And loads of laughs.
 Here are a few pictures of his ROLL!! This kid is a rolling machine.

 We love your healthy, pudgy legs,
 your ever-grasping hands with sweet knuckle dimples,
 and the dynamic and adorable relationship you are growing with your brother.

OWEN DAVID, I don't quite know how we ever lived without you.

Happy FIVE months, my sweet!!

You love: giggling, ROLLING OVER, watching and holding on to Ian, gently bonking heads with us, hearing us sing "I'll Fly Away!", jumping in your jumper, being worn in the Beco, being outside (woo!), kisses on your forehead, reaching for and grabbing things, and sleeping on your sheepskin or next to mama.

We're smitten. Truly and utterly smitten.

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