Sunday, November 15, 2015

Family Hike!!

I was making breakfast and couldn't resist snapping
this photo of the two guys chatting away.
All this fall I have been wanting to go on a hike as a family. It's been a battle to find the time between Jim's work schedule, rugby, and our own social engagements. It's also been a battle to have the get-up and go on days when we know it's our only day together and at home.

BUT, not today!! Even though Jim was away Friday night and Saturday in Virginia Beach for a rugby game, he was still up for a day's hike. Today we seized the bull by the horns and got out the door. We are so glad that we did. What a fantastic day it was.

The leaves had fallen and the weather was quite cold this morning, but we still found beauty and warmth throughout the day.

Our little forrester did not disappoint. He hiked almost all of the two miles up and the two miles down. We are so proud of this boy.

 The two miles weren't all flat like this bridge. Most of it includes stairs, like the ones pictured in the photos below. Yup, he's a beast.
 Ian squatted to show me something and Jim snapped this picture. He was fascinated by everything; owned trees, the creek, moss, you name it.

The boys in matching blues.
27 weeks pregnant today.
 Two years ago and some change, I sat on the same rock while pregnant with Ian. I think I was about two-three weeks out from having Ian at this time. It's no wonder he loves this trail :)

 Ian's outfit brought us so much joy today. Look that those adorable Argyle leg-warmers. We called him our little Swiss boy.
Our Little Swiss Boy

So grateful for this family time today. 

And so grateful for a little boy who's so willing and able to participate in our adventures!!! 

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