Monday, August 17, 2015

Like Grumps, Like Grandson

Boy, oh boy. There's some major catching up to do. And little time to do it!

This summer has been busy. A good kind of busy. As you saw, Ian and I went to The Pinery and saw family from Washington State, but then we had the whole Barlow clan here for a week, and then we've gone back to The Pinery for a second week. We've also kept ourselves busy with loads of play dates, time with the chickens, coloring, singing, and you name it.

During our return trip from The Pinery the first time, we stopped in Paris for a night. Grumps rode with us because he had to be at church for his choir director position on Sunday. Saturday night, he decided to run through a few of the pieces he would be playing the following day. Here he is practicing. Ian heard him from across the house and immediately wanted to listen, and listen closely.
 He was so excited!!
 I have so many memories of my dad playing music. He gets the same look on his face every time, zoning out and into the pieces he's playing. He also has the same positioning of his arms and hands.
 I can understand why Ian's so fascinated, because I have always been, too.

 We grabbed "If You're Happy and You Know It," for which Dad arranged the music, and sang some of the familiar songs that Jim and I sing with Ian at home.

Soon Grumps' phone rang and he had to hop up and get it. Ian didn't waste any time. He climbed into the chair, turned the pages of the hymnal, and started playing his own rendition.
 Similar face, similar arm position. He was obviously observing carefully.
 In his element...
 Who knows... perhaps he'll grow up to be a musician like Grumps.

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