Tuesday, August 18, 2015

6 Years!

This post was written the day after our actual anniversary, but not posted for reasons explained soon!

Wow!! Six years have flown by, chugged, and vanished. It's hard to believe that we said our vows in front of family & friends and then paddled away six years ago. But sometimes it has also felt that long because we've been through some grueling years of medical school and now residency. The end is in sight and we are so grateful for where we are. Our love is stronger than ever.

This year we traveled to Europe together, something we'd been hoping to do for a while now. And now we have the itch even worse, so we have to go back!!

This year we also survived intern year of residency, which is no small feat. I can say that easily after making it through... Jim's done really, really well with keeping up with his work, home & exercise life balance. I've been the one to struggle more. I've learned a lot and still have more to learn.

We have a beautiful, loving, active, and exuberant toddler who brings us so much laughter and joy. Connecting over something he said or did during the day brings us the greatest amusement. How incredible it is to raise a child and have a partner who is fascinated by every word and action, as well.

This year we celebrated our anniversary in the best way we can possibly imagine! We, all three together, went and heard the heartbeat of the newest member of our family. It was one of the most heart-warming experiences I have ever had. YES, we have one on the way!! As of our anniversary, I am 8 weeks and 3 days along.

Jim was able to take off in the middle of the day to meet us there. He held Ian and pointed to the baby on the screen, talking about what we were seeing. Ian, in turn, would reply with a questioning "Moosey?" He calls a polar bear stuffed animal "Baby" and then has a stuffed animal moose that is normally wherever the bear is. He must have been very confused by the idea that the polar bear was in my belly and was desperate to ask about "Moosey's" location, too! It was funny and sweet.

Jim and I held hands and marveled at the new, thriving heartbeat that is only 1.79 centimeters long in my womb. It's absolutely amazing that you can hear a heartbeat from something so little. And boy was his/her heartbeat strong! It was 174.

It was so special to have my two boys with me during that appointment. Today I have a follow-up visit with the OBGYN to discuss the ultrasound, but the tech said everything seemed to look fine. A relief.

Anyway, now you might understand why we were quiet on our anniversary. We have family & friends to notify before we can publicly exclaim our news. He/she will make their presence at the end of February!

Year seven is shaping up to be a big one!!!
Happy (belated) Anniversary, Babe!!

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