Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Pinery & Seattle Family!

A few weeks ago Ian and I hit the road for The Pinery, to spend time with my family and to see family we'd not seen/hadn't yet met!! It was sad to leave Jim at home while we headed to one of our favorite places, but he'll be going back with us in August.

The first few days were wet and cold, but we enjoyed ourselves! We got to see Gigi (my grandma) the first night we arrived and that was really nice to have some quiet time with her.
 As always, we ate like kings. I mean check out this beautiful rainbow of grilled veggies...
And we went on some nice, misty morning walks.

One of the highlights for Ian, and for me, was that we got to use our bike and bike chair daily. Ian loves his chariot. One time he fell asleep and I could feel the bike tilting a bit with each roll of his poor little head.
 We read lots of books,
 hung out with Uncle Wihwih, and spent some time resting on the stairs.
 On Wednesday, the real fun arrived. My Uncle Owen and his family came to visit from Seattle, Washington. I hadn't seen him and Tania since our wedding (6 years ago) and since then, they have adopted two incredible girls. Ages 7 and 9, they were such sweet playmates for Ian, including him in many of their activities and following his lead into his own...

 Last year, when we visited The Pinery, Ian wasn't walking around yet. This year he was running and walking everywhere! He threw the stick for Leif and "played" cornhole. Due to the rain, we didn't get to go swimming because it wasn't safe. BUT, we did wade one time and Ian enjoyed it for a time.
 Grumps watched Ian for me during a nap, so that I could go kayaking with the rest of the gang. I returned to see them standing on the shore :)
 So lovely to be back in a kayak... it's been since Ian was still in the womb!
 The girls and their parents :)

 Ian enjoyed "sketching" with the girls, but he especially loved the beautiful pencil pouch Tania made.
 Jennessie was such a good sport and played with Ian in the canopy Grumps put up for him.
 These girls are so excited about sketching, reading, learning.... it's inspirational.
 More often than not, Ian could be found in the swing that me and my siblings used to ride in as babes.

 Äma played "Trot, Trot to Boston" with Ian. He LOVES this game. She also obliged Ian and did it his polar bear named "Baby," and his moose, "Moosey."

 We went to Farmer's Inn, a place with lots of different animals and opportunities to feed them.

 A shot of the siblings, reunited :)

 Ian enjoys completing some tasks now... such as carrying Grumps his apron. Poor boy... and so it begins.
 This is Ian's typical bolt toward the camera! I love how it's captured here. Pure joy with a touch of mischief.
 He spent a lot of time viewing everything from this spot on the porch. I love this goofy expression.
 Here he's more serious. This is how he'd often be seen...
 Jennessie loved using the lazer to check for the temperature of the oven. 700 degrees F yet?

Here's the Orris VW Camper, a gem. This is where Ian and I got to sleep. It's such an amazing vehicle with a great family history. Drivers by would shout and holler about it and Tania even sketched it one day. It's quite the specimen.
 Grandma came back for the pizza party and we spent some time writing Aunt Lizzy, in Switzerland, a letter from the two of us. Her biggest smiles came when the neighbor, Bob, came to greet her!

 Mom's birthday is on July 3rd and we had a big pizza party with the earth oven, with all of the fixin's. The neighbors, Seattle family, Gigi, and Ian and I were all present. It was a bit crazy when it came time to sing happy birthday, but laughter was enjoyed by almost all!!
 And then the next day it was time for us to bid farewell, as we headed back to Virginia with Grumps. We can't wait to go back in a few weeks! Hopefully the ran will be limited and we'll be able to enjoy lots of time swimming in the river. If not, time at The Pinery always offers so many different fun activities and people to enjoy.
Until next time!

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