Thursday, July 2, 2015

Raindrops & The Pinery

On Sunday morning Ian and I packed and hit the road for a week away from Papa. Here they are spending a few last minutes together singing songs.
Our first stop was in Paris, so we could drive up with Uncle Willem. Here is Uncle Wihwih, in one of his natural habitats: the blueberry patch.
 The next day we moved on to The Pinery! Here Ian shows how he just fits between the stairs. It will be interesting to see a comparison next year. Oh, how quickly they grow...
 It's been raining a lot since we arrived, but that won't dampen our spirits. We've gone on walks and bike rides. And we've loved sleeping while listening to the rain!

When the sun came up today, Ian, Mom & I went for a bike ride! He was happy to ride along.
 So happy to be here with my family and Ian. Missing Jim, Phoebe, & James, but excited for time with them at The Pinery in August!
More pics to come. New visitors arrive tonight :)

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