Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lucky 13

A part of me was really sad to start saying goodbye to my baby. I wanted to dig in my heels and cuddle him just a little bit longer. But I can say with great exuberance that toddlerhood and having a baby grow into a boy is so much fun. He's active and independent, capable and purposeful. He's fascinated by people and what they do, and how they do it. And he's totally intrigued by the outside world.

Yes, 13 months is pretty great. We can do yard work or be busy outside, and Ian can stay consumed by his own experiences for hours at a time. Having a dog helps, certainly. 

Oh little one, we hope this passion only grows.

Because what more could a little boy want than to be outside in a big backyard, with his dog, and a stick??

Put that away, Mama. We don't need technology right now!! 

Our pine needle-covered driveway...
Our front porch (swept soon after this picture was taken!)

 While I made leaf piles far taller than his head,
He left his tractor from Aunt Phoebe & James working in the leaves....
Ian kept himself busy in the yard. I'll never forget the image of Ian following behind Jim as he mowed. Content to have Papa home and to be his sidekick for the afternoon. Occasionally he'd motion to be picked up and Jim would carry him as he pushed our electric mower (pretty quiet) around the yard.
 He'd also take breaks to play fetch with Leif. Best buddies already.
Oh, sweet Ian Forrester. We love spending time outside with you.

Happy 13 months, darling boy!!!

You love: playing in the yard, singing songs from the book Grumps arranged entitled "If You're Happy and You Know It" (especially when you get to clap your hands and stomp your feet!!), playing with your tongue, cleaning up your high chair when you're done eating, bath time with Papa, attempting to run, out-running the waves at the beach, putting your head on our shoulders and tucking your arms under ours when we pick you up, dumping Leif's bowl of water, pivoting or walking in circles, "helping" cook or clean up or console another baby, and climbing into your own carseat. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

To Grumps, Love Ian

Happy birthday, Daddio!!!

We hope that you have a good day and a nice celebration this weekend!! We love you and wish we could celebrate with you. Ian begged me to write you a letter. Here's what he wanted to say...

Dear Grumps,

Thank you for your love for music! My favorite book right now is the "If You're Happy and You Know It" for which you arranged the music. I carry it to my mama and papa daily and ask them to sing the songs with me when I say "boo, boo." I learned about stomping my feet from singing the song that the title names. I like to stand on chairs, holding the back, and stamping my feet! 

I cannot wait to spend Thanksgiving with you and hope that it includes some singing and music. My mama sings "Thanksgiving Time" with me and says that you taught it to her and lots of other kids, too. Here's a picture of us from last Thanksgiving!! My how young I look, eh? You too! ;)

Thanks for playing games with me, like "This Little Piggy" and for sharing your chair. I know I'm the only one you allow to share it with you. I must be very special to you.
 I love it when you play the piano with me on your lap. And I like it when everyone else sings along!
 And as I get older, I look forward to enjoying water sports on the Clarion River,
and more time at The Pinery.

I love you, Grumps.

love, Ian

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Precious Life.

As I stand here in the kitchen placing food on Ian's high chair and watching him eat, I am overwhelmed with sadness for an acquaintance from college whose son, the same age as Ian, passed away within the last day. I'm not sure of the reason; I only that it was sudden.

My heart breaks, throat chokes, & tears fall.

Life is fleeting & precious.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pickin' Pumpkins

While Aunt Christine was here we went to the pumpkin patch!! This year's experience was a little different than last year. Oh, my heart. How can it already be a year since we spent a month living in Pennsylvania? You may remember the picture of Ian lying on top of the baby pumpkins last year in his pumpkin hat. 
No sir! This year he was not relaxing at all. This year he made himself busy! There was no time to waste. He lifted every pumpkin he could, even trying to dead-lift the one in the following pictures...

 Then he walked all of the way to the pumpkin patch. Aunt Christine & Jim graciously indulged me by taking our Christmas pictures in the Christmas trees on the way there. Those pictures will be posted in a few months (sorry!). Of course, Ian proceeded to fall straight in the mud, covering one whole leg with mud. I responded perfectly by blaming Jim. Not my finest moment. And, in the end, you can't even tell in the pictures.

The fall leaves were so beautiful. The pumpkin patch, at Joe's Trees, is nestled in the mountains with a 360 degree view just like the one seen in the background of this picture. Breathtaking. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this area?
Pointing at Papa

Ian kept picking at the tire treds. 

Not quite as good as apples, eh?
Our pumpkins.

Fun on the hay bales...

Papa was giving Ian raspberries. Ian kept leaning in with a smile for more.
Christine picked a few squash blossoms and fried them up later. So good!
Pumpkins in tow, we boarded the hay ride.
Ian's first hay ride! (The woman in pink was actually one of the nurses in the midwife practice!)
Until next year, pumpkin patch. We'll certainly be returning.