Thursday, October 23, 2014

To Grumps, Love Ian

Happy birthday, Daddio!!!

We hope that you have a good day and a nice celebration this weekend!! We love you and wish we could celebrate with you. Ian begged me to write you a letter. Here's what he wanted to say...

Dear Grumps,

Thank you for your love for music! My favorite book right now is the "If You're Happy and You Know It" for which you arranged the music. I carry it to my mama and papa daily and ask them to sing the songs with me when I say "boo, boo." I learned about stomping my feet from singing the song that the title names. I like to stand on chairs, holding the back, and stamping my feet! 

I cannot wait to spend Thanksgiving with you and hope that it includes some singing and music. My mama sings "Thanksgiving Time" with me and says that you taught it to her and lots of other kids, too. Here's a picture of us from last Thanksgiving!! My how young I look, eh? You too! ;)

Thanks for playing games with me, like "This Little Piggy" and for sharing your chair. I know I'm the only one you allow to share it with you. I must be very special to you.
 I love it when you play the piano with me on your lap. And I like it when everyone else sings along!
 And as I get older, I look forward to enjoying water sports on the Clarion River,
and more time at The Pinery.

I love you, Grumps.

love, Ian

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