Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving was very different this year for many reasons! The main one was that we stayed home and hosted for the first time ever. First, my parents came for a couple of days. Willem was in a play in DC so he wasn't able to make it and Phoebe's in France for the year, so it was just the five of us. Mom helped me make the meal and entertain Ian, which was wonderful.

Ian's Christmas gift (and ours!) came early this year. I think he likes it! Look at that sweet smile. The bike seat will give us the freedom to enjoy even more outdoor activities together. We are so excited to have it to ride on the Huckleberry!!! Thanks, Mom & Dad! 

(Safety Note: We bought a helmet... this was only ridden in small circles around our dead-end street. That strawberry head will be protected, we promise.)

Who can resist looking at pictures of Ian? Ha. Not even Ian himself.
I walked into the room to find these two dudes chillin'.
They stayed this way for a while.
 Ian enjoys giving kisses now. He gives them when he goes to bed and when people are leaving. So sweet.

 Then Kim & John came!! We changed the sheets quickly and received our second round of guests for Thanksgiving! Christine was prepping for exams and Russ and Erin couldn't make it, so we enjoyed a second feast with Jim's parents. Jim and I tried a new recipe for a garlic chicken dish and it was really good. You could have heard crickets chirping as we ate ;)

Ian enjoys transferring things from one container to another. Here he is moving raisins from one container into the apple chip container. A nice, fruity trail mix, if you will. He also liked putting the top
When did our baby become a boy?

He's always busy and active. Here he was self-motivated to work on his balance!

The love between these guys is just so sweet.

Thank you for coming, John & Kim!!
The glasses thief was at it again....
Ian sounded a tad raspy, so Jim broke out the stethoscope to listen to his lungs. Ian took a turn listening to Papa before Papa was allowed to do his job.

Precious trust.
The goofball was at it again. He's always exploring every nook and cranny.

For each other, family, friends, 
health, our home, our dog, 
and especially our dynamic toddler,
who enriches every day.

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