Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

This year we thought we wouldn't be able to travel for Christmas, since Jim is working in Richmond for the month. Turns out he had a few days off, which Jim & I certainly didn't take for granted. Residency isn't always so kind!! We went to Paris for a couple of days and then up to Philly.

Here are a few shots from Christmas 2014!
Playing toss with Grumps!
 Enjoying using an Allen wrench with the expert woodworker looking on. He figured this out on his own! The package said 18 months, but this 15 month old was hooked! Thanks, Äma!! 
Delicious apple dessert!!!
Traditional hike to the Paris View on the Appalachian Trail.
Abbey Road Shot 2014

Mr. Serious! A tear is running down his cheek... just like his mama. My eyes always water on hikes! This guy spends much of the hike with a dead-pan face. But he loves/begs to be put into the backpack and never complains!!

Mom, here's a picture with the sign!!

Ian opened and closed the gate and said, "Ta-da," each time he opened it!! Haha.
Willem ran back, but met us up at the top!
"Ta-da!!" Happy boy!

Just one of the guys...

My bro.
The 2014 Christmas Crew
We missed Phoebe and her boyfriend James, but my parents left the day after Christmas to travel with them in Copenhagen and Stockholm. We can't wait to hear stories from their trip!!

Next we hit the road for Philadelphia! We spent the weekend in Russ & Erin's home. They are expecting their first child and our first niece/nephew in June. It's very exciting!!

Christine with her Christmas presents :)
Reading one of Ian's Christmas gifts!!
Ian was fascinated by the tree and the ornaments, as usual. 

 He also loved playing on their stairs. Here he is playing ball with Papa. He is a very good thrower!!

And he gives kisses when he says goodbye or goes to bed. I love this sweet interaction.

The original five.
Siblings & Spouses
The complete & growing family!!
And that's a wrap on Christmas 2014.

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