Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Nap/To-do Time

It's nap time. The first nap time. The time when I try to get everything done, so the next nap time can be recreational, luxurious, and relaxing.

This means tackle everything possible before a sound is made from the nursery. Go.
Pick-up toys & put them back in the basket.
Clean off high chair & leftover breakfast food.
Finish the last step of hard-boiling eggs. Quietly, though, because the nursery is right next to the kitchen. Leave eggs in sink until later... they are cooling, right? Not pressing.
Check email. Send two emails.
Sign up for coconut oil order.

Get laundry from dryer. Fold laundry from yesterday.
Put away clothes.
Remember the load stowed next to the chair.
Fold more laundry.
(These steps should really be in bold or take more space.... this doesn't do the deed justice!)

Fill water bottle. Take desperate sip.
Remember that teeth need to be brushed. Brush teeth. Swish mouthwash.
Use the bathroom. (Yes, this needs to be mentioned).

Notice the drool stain on shoulder when looking in the mirror. Smile. Savor it. He fell asleep there before being transferred to his crib. Something so little, and yet, means so much.

Pour cup of broth (a new snack/drink of ours). Let cool for later (I'm a ninny when it comes to hot drinks).
Add water to the broth. Fill filter again.
Add items to the to-do list. Remember all of the sorting that needs to be done with baby gear & clothes. And the baby food book you want to read and check out.

Stirring comes over the monitor. 
Eyes are open. Coos. Babbles.
A happy, rested boy awaits.

Leave the list. Leave the chores.
Nap time's to-dos are over. 
Playing time has returned.
This is when we live. 
This is when we love. 
There's no time more important than now.

Love the puddle of drool on the shoulder. The coos. The toys strewn everywhere.
Somehow almost seven months have already passed. 
Chores and to-dos will always be there. 
My little babe won't always be my little babe.

A friend posted this quote today and it couldn't be more true:

"Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older." -Peter Pan

Where's the pixie dust?
While I encourage sleeping, there is always a piece of me that misses him and knows he'll wake up just a little older, a little wiser, and a little more independent.

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