Sunday, April 20, 2014

"Eggsellent" 7 Months!!

 Our little Easter bunny turned seven months old on Friday!!!

 We couldn't resist giving him his Easter basket a little bit early. And this mama couldn't choose just a couple pictures to share, so here are many (#sorryi'mnotsorry). A huge thank you to Becky & Mahlon (cousins in Oregon) for the adorable and snuggly bunny blanket! It's wonderful and I've been looking forward to using it for this shoot for months!! Also, thank you to Stacy for the fresh, farm eggs.

Ian, you are active, curious, and strong. You make tons of observations, every minute, with your eyes, hands and mouth, as seen in the pictures that follow. Always learning. Always searching. Always fascinated. We love watching you learn about the world.

This time, hardly any words will accompany the post. The pictures, as always, can really speak for themselves.

"So I says to the guy..." 

Happy seven months, sweet Ian!!!

You love: pulling yourself up to a stand by holding our hands, babbling A LOT (Bu-waba, most often), seeing Papa come in the door at the end of the day, reaching for our arms when we ask "Can I hold you?", when we sing songs or dance for you, Leif, emptying all of your toys out of the basket, playing in the grass and being outside, watching the horses, being tickled, playing with bottles from the recycling, smiling, laughing, grabbing your hair when tired, exploring, 
and knowing where we are at all times.

We just love being your parents.
Every holiday means so much more to us this year.

Happy Easter!

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