Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Next Crocodile Dundee

You may not have known, but we are currently raising the next Crocodile Dundee. He spends his days wrestling with this guy. We always have known and thought that Ian was strong, we just didn't realize that he'd be wrestling and schooling crocodiles at less than six months old.
As a parent it's a little unnerving, but at least we don't live in Louisiana anymore!!
Just chewing on the tail of a scary reptile. #nobigdeal
Thank you, Äma, for the fun gator!!!
If I had not just uploaded this picture myself, I would have thought it was one of my baby pictures. It's just uncanny how much it looks like me. And there's a soccer ball in the background to boot! Sometimes he looks exactly like Jim and then sometimes he resembles me. It could be because Jim and I look VERY much alike ;)

Ian spends a lot of time on his tummy these days. Exploring, reaching, moving, and sometimes getting stuck, he's always active. He often ends up under this coffee table somehow.

His newest trick is to straighten his arms, lifting his entire body. He'll do sets of these and then rest and go again. Each time he did it in the beginning we'd cheer him on and encourage him. The biggest smile would spread across his face.

Though I don't have a picture of it, he's also started double-fisting his toys. With one in each hand, he can make decisions about which toy he prefers to bring to his mouth first. Sometimes he chooses both. 

Ian enjoys slamming his hands or toys against anything that will make a sound. The floor, his high chair tray, the table, you name it... Every time he blinks his eyes in surprise, even though he's the one making the sound. 

At the moment he seems to prefer his right hand. We'll see if he ends up being left-handed or right-handed. 

So content, even when Papa uses him as a footrest.

This week Ian and I went to a mom and child playdate. It was the first of many weekly play dates, which is very exciting for me! Ian obviously can't be excited about it yet, but I'm sure he will be during the next three years. But boy, did he enjoy himself! He was fascinated by all of the other babies and children, watching them, leaning toward them, trying to touch them. There were many new and different toys for him to play with, too. I wasn't sure how he'd be around other crying children, but he'd just look as if he were determining why they were upset. At one point a two year old threw a block at him and he had the same puzzled look on his face. I think the hair on the back of my neck raised, but he seemed fine and it didn't hit him the the face. That might have been the first time the mama bear instinct came into gear. Overall, it was really fun and I'm glad to have this group to look forward to each week!
We had a wonderful visit with Jim's parents who came in for a couple nights!! Ian was incredibly loved and doted upon for the entire visit. Books were read, diapers changed, many toys were played with, and lots of cuddles, hugs, and coos were enjoyed by all.
 Kim/Gramee always tries to make the most of every minute and moment she's with Ian. She's so warm, eager and excited during her interactions with him, noticing everything she can. It's amazing, the love of a grandmother. She sure spent a lot of time on the floor!!

John/Grandpa is the same way. He comments on all of his movements, on how strong and sturdy he is, how "contented," and watched continuously for which hand he prefers during his activities.

Jim got off early on Friday, which was an absolutely gorgeous day, so we had to make the most of it and get outside. We packed up and headed to the Huckleberry Trail and walked and walked. Ian had a great nap while we all talked and enjoyed the nice day. 

Then we took them for a drive by our new place. This summer we'll be moving to a place in Christiansburg, where we'll probably stay for the next three years. It has a playground in walking distance from the home, a nice backyard, and more space than we've ever had. Oh, and I might be just a little too excited by the fact that it has a dishwasher!! Hehe.

Giggle fits are more and more prevalent. Such joy they bring to whoever encourages them!!!

Ian's hand-eye coordination is constantly impressing us, these day! Here he is with the ring set Gramee & Grandpa gave him. He can grab things much smaller and narrower, though, like his Grandpa's laces. He had them in each hand yesterday.

Ian has started arching his back while lying on his back on the floor and it lifts his entire back up. Pretty incredible! Here he is showing off one of his new tricks. The little milestones babies meet each day and each week are really quite astounding.

Äma says this is "Fish Pose."
It's an advanced Yoga pose. Well done, Ian :)

If we exercised as much as they do, we'd all be body builders!!

Gramee gave Ian a bath. This is the first time we've documented his newest bath behaviors. He is longer a passive participant during bath times. Instead he's sitting up, grabbing whatever's in reach and making sure that the person bathing him gets just as wet as he does!!! Normally we put the whale in the shower stall, since we don't have a bathtub in our apartment, but we brought him into the living room this time. Soon we'll no longer be able to use this whale tub anymore. We're looking forward to having a real tub!
Post-bath cuddle with Grandpa.
 Jim gave John a few Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) treatments. We have a table he uses to practice on me and other family members and some friends.

Recreation of the first photo at ten days old!
And soon it was time to say goodbyes. Thank you so much for a wonderful visit!!! We'll see you in May for Jim's graduation!!! Ian loved his time with you and so did we.

Perhaps it was a little too windy and sunny for this little boy after his nap!

This morning Ian scooted around in a complete circle and BACKWARDS. Look at that bum. As soon as he figures out how to lift his torso and bum at the same time he'll be off to the races. So wild.
 At first I think he was trying to move forward toward an object, but once he realized that backwards was working... well, he went with it.
He's just a bit excited about it, I'd say.

Happy 25 weeks, Ian Forrester!!!

Active and busy as ever.
Ready to wrestle real reptiles.

And incredibly loved.

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