Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Yesterday Ian turned six months old and had his first half birthday! It seems as though I just wrote his five month post, but here we are at six months, already!

Ian's sixth month has been so full of joy, ease, and happiness. No wonder it's flown by.
He's gotten so long.
 And will take almost any excuse to smile at anyone.
Boy, is he ever curious! Reaching for everything he can.
 Those baby blues just keep getting bluer and bluer. The hair, a bit blonder but still reddish.
 Your sounds more diverse and dynamic, with strong projection!!!

 He's still a baby, but looking more like a little boy.
 He's got healthy rolls.
 And is starting to play fun games.
 And never. ever. stops. moving.
 He's strong like an ox.
 That little babe of ours.
 Here he is in the sweater my mom knitted for me when I was a babe. It's fun to come full circle.

Happy six months and half birthday, little scooter! 

You love: starting to scoot, singing (especially Mama's), sucking your fingers, rocking to sleep, wrestling blankets and stuffed animals, squealing, practicing multiple yoga poses (bound ankle, cobra, happy baby, fish pose, and more!) holding things in your hands and studying or sucking on them, Papa's rough-housing (especially around the jumper in the kitchen- swinging), lying on your side when awake or asleep, sitting outside, Leif, and oatmeal & bananas.

We're not sure where the time's going, but we're not going to miss a beat!
You sure are one loved grandbaby, nephew, and child.

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